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Everyone’s talking about Opportunity Zones and how they’re becoming the hottest topic in the real estate industry. If you owe capital gains taxes, you can take the total amount and invest it into an opportunity zone fund and defer your taxes until 2026. Plus, based on how long you leave your money in the fund, you can basically offset all of it and future profits.  

Sounds great, right?  What no one is telling you is these Opportunity Zone Funds are self-certifying with very little regulation! Very Unusual!! All you have to do to create an Opportunity Zone Fund is fill out a one-page form and file it with your income tax return or an amended return. How’s that for easy? (and scary!) There’s no background checks, no red tape and no time-consuming government involvement. Unless you create the fund yourself, how do you know which Fund to invest in and which Fund is good or bad?  

We search out the best Opportunity Zone funds and promote them to investors. To be clear – we can’t guarantee that any particular fund will make money, but we know enough about real estate and business development to give you a good starting point for your own due diligence,  Find out more about what we do here >>>

A fraudulent opportunity zone fund will not make money on your investment and will turn an opportunity into a nightmare. If you owe capital gains taxes and you’re interested in investing it to take advantage of the tax deferral strategies, make sure you’ve done your research as to Opportunity Zone funds. We’ll give you a heads start – you just have to contact us to get the process started.

In addition, we are the only authority focused on the successful business creation within Opportunity Zones. Those starting businesses or moving their companies into Opportunity Zone tracts for the associated tax benefits almost certainly are in need of employees. And the actual people living in these zones need places of employment to thrive as well. If you own a business that requires staffing, or if you’re currently searching to find work, the Opportunity Zones Authority is here to help!

Finally, if you’re creating an Opportunity Zone fund or are an Opportunity Zone fund manager, contact us immediately – we’d love to discuss your vision and perhaps help you market your opportunity to the many investors looking for great investments.

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