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Our Services

There's a reason we're quickly becoming the Authority on all things Opportunity Zones!

Some 8,700 census tracts across the United States have been qualified as Federal Opportunity Zones. Because Opportunity Zones are such a new concept, consultative advisory services are necessary for the many people of all facets that are looking to take advantage of this entire market. The potential is unlimited, but with potential comes serious issues. We provide the following specific services to help drive the economic development and success of the entire industry:

  • Marketing and promotion of Opportunity Zone Funds – while we obviously can’t guarantee that any project will be successful, we are the only authoritative body that investigates the “realness” of a Qualified Opportunity Zone deal.
  • Opportunity Zone Fund Creation – We help guide you through the entire self-certification process for creating an Opportunity Zone Fund. By helping you with your Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund prospectus as well as creating professional digital and print packages that markets your fund, we place your project in the best possible light to generate investor interest.
  • State Opportunity Fund Public Policy Consultation Services – We provide advisory to governments and government leaders across the nation at both the state and local level to help them develop their public policies regarding tax incentives to support the growth and development of Opportunity Zones within their states.
  • Cultivation of Opportunity Zone Fund Investors – With many new companies valued at $1 billion-plus, countless $100-million venture financings, and an explosion of giant funds, it’s no surprise that big venture capital investments can lead to big profits for opportunity zone investors. These investment profits create substantial capital gains and will likely make these investors the early players in the Opportunity Fund investor world. We help market OZ Funds to this target audience.
  • We are also the only authority focused on the successful business creation within Opportunity Zones. Those starting businesses or moving their companies into Opportunity Zone tracts for the associated tax benefits almost certainly are in need of employees. And the actual people living in these zones need places of employment to thrive as well. If you own a business that requires staffing, or if you’re currently searching to find work, the Opportunity Zones Authority is here to help! 

In general, our services allow clients to identify deal flow, identify local funds, connect with developers and investable business opportunities and work with economic development organizations and professionals. We help connect local investors, lenders, bankers, and service providers.